Obsidian Mirror - Sergio Magana

Have you ever wanted to leave your past behind you? You have the opportunity to learn how to truly let it go by attending this Obsidian Mirror workshop with world renown Sergio Magnana

Obsidian Mirror: The Blue and White and Black Tezcatlipocas

Date: Aug 31 - Sept 1st.

Price: $295 for bookings before June 1 or $325 if booked between June 2 and August 31

This is only the 2nd time this class has been taught in the USA!!!

The Obsidian mirror is the means through which our perceptions are widened so that we can enter consciously into the subtle worlds. In the mirror we can see who were in previous lives and heal the problems that stem from the past that are affecting our present. In this class we use the mirror to explore the aspects of ourselves that teach discipline - Blue & White Tezcatlipocas. Furthermore, you learn how to become enlightened, a person of knowledge & power.

Care Alternatives Center - 7400 West Jefferson Avenue, Metro Broker Building, Suite 111, Lakewood, CO 80235 - 720-985-3204
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