Course Descriptions:

Obsidian Mirror: The Blue and White and Black Tezcatlipocas

Date: Aug 31 - Sept 1st.

Price: $295 for bookings before June 1 or $325 if booked between June 2 and August 31 

You will learn to:

  • Use the obsidian mirror to connect with your other selves
  • Enter your dreams through the mirror for the power of creation - for knowledge, wisdom, power
  • Contact ancestors or past lives, bringing their talents into the 'now' for your use
  • Cleanse the hidden, unconscious aspects and layers of yourself - your 'underworlds'
  • Through the mirror, see new patterns of discipline & behaviors that transform your life and its direction
  • Create light from the darkness in the mirror
  • Get knowledge through the mirror -  identifying the wise person and bringing it to life
  • See the best possibility of you - your Enlightened One, Quetzalcoatl, the 'flowering symbol' of yourself

About the Blue Tezcatlipoca:

  • Oracle through the mirror to ask questions if good for you? 
  • Find & retrieve the pieces that are creating issues
  • Exotic Soul retrieval

Black Tezcatlipoca:

Learn to see in the underworlds to rescue pieces of the soul or mind that are trapped there

Creating Colors in the mirror

  • Red light: Healing others and yourself through the mirror
  • Green: Green Tezcatlipoca---healing emotions
  • White: Enlightenment

Enlightenment in the Path of Darkness:

In total darkness, you create light in the mirror. This is the power of creation and knowledge