CARE Alternatives Center was designed with the "whole you" in mind. We offer a wide variety of alternative treatments. In treating the "whole you", we can better understand each person's needs as an individual. Barb will teach you to not just look at your client's symptom or condition, because in reality their probably started long before they realized it.

CARE Alternatives Center works with multiple levels of care to serve you better. Curative Care - includes intensive care and/or first aid. Wholistic Care - works with the mind, body and spirit. Preventative Care - helps you maintain optimal health.

When you come to one of these classes at CARE Alternatives Center, we show you how to treat the most chronic conditions first. We then look at the patterns your body went through before it reached the chronic state. Finally, we bring you to a place where you can help your clients maintain their optimal health.

Our treatment options are complimentary to each other and are extremely effective when used together. Most often, clients will receive a variety of treatments in one session. This is because the different parts of the "whole you" require different attention. Therefore, it is not until all the classes are taken that you have this whole treatment leaning built to then be able to help others the way we do at Care Alternatives Center.

We look forward to teaching you through treatment in our office or through distance work.


To learn more about CARE Alternatives Center's unique approach to treatment, Barb hosts classes to teach you her approach to holistic aromatic RSCS and other treatments.

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Advanced ARSCS
Distance Work
Working with Animals

Obsidian Mirror - Sergio Magana

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