ARSCS = Aromatic Real Self Centered Self

Experience Something New and Exciting
  • Learn a technique that can transform your practice
  • Easy to implement into your practice and existing techniques
  • A workable, usable, tangible modality
  • A skill set like no other

Aromatic RSCS©

  • Effective with or without the use of essential oils
  • Described as a "permanent life transformation"
  • Honors how the body needs to move and change
  • Developed out of my own frustration
  • Developed over 15 years of working with alternative therapies
  • Developed by believing you don't have to "live like this"
  • Developed out of my own frustrations with current techniques
  • Not a band-aid approach
  • Gets the person to Preventative care not constant care
  • Looks at the deeper meaning behind the trauma, pain or disease
  • Releases deep held patterns and emotions
  • Allows the body to start functioning in a healthy fashion again
  • Teaches you to LISTEN to your body
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