Barbara's insights into my sister's situation regarding her health and pet cat were nothing less than astounding! She referred to incidents that known only to the immediate family all the time never having even met her cat Hazel. She is simply amazing and truly "in tune" with the energy that is floating around all of us. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking deeper insights into their personal lives, as well as for a true relaxing session with a gifted miracle worker.


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I can't begin to thank you for your healing hands! After years of unexplained and misdiagnosed health problems I finally feel alive!

Before coming to you I literally felt like a 32 year old going on 90. I had little mobility in turning my neck and my neck as my husband noted just felt "Messed Up." There was a bone that would protrude on the side. My body was stiff and constantly ached with muscle pain. My posture was embarrassing but I just couldn't get my back to straighten up and when I tried I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I've visited regular doctors who prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers and stated I was having muscle spasms. I've been going to a chiropractor for the last 10 years but the adjustments never would hold for more than a day or two. I've tried weekly massages and found that my muscle pain was worse afterwards. I tried physical therapy for a year and yet my pain and mobility changed very little. The list goes on and on. I was beginning to wonder if the constant discomfort I felt would ever go away. Then I found you!

Your treatments have literally saved me from a painful existence. I now have a high range of mobility in my neck. I can feel the muscles move in my shoulders! They aren't rocks anymore! My posture is getting better and I can breathe when I stand up straight. My severe muscle pain that would run throughout my entire body is now non-existent! I can't even begin to explain all of the ways your therapy has helped me! I know I will continue to come to you for many years to come!

I would recommend you to anyone and everyone that seeks a healthy functioning body. What you have is a gift and I am so happy to have found you!

JS Parker, CO

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My son Tyler has been seeing Barbara Schroeder at C.A.R.E Alternative Center for over a year and feels a tremendous improvement in his overall mental and physical condition.

Originally our visits began because of his continuous headaches, never ending nasal congestion, intestinal issues and several concussions from simple boy activities. My husband and I felt frustrated as to why he seemed so susceptible to these conditions when our other children were exposed and participating in the same activities.

After a couple of Aromatic RSCS treatments his headaches became less frequent and his intestinal tract processed foods much better, which also cleared up all his nasal congestion. This last year he only had one headache and no concussions.

We truly believe the AromaticRSCS treatments that Barbara has been giving Tyler have made a huge impact on his mental attitude as well as physical health. We feel this has kept his body in alignment and functioning well. All without medications! He actually asks when his next visit will be when he begins to feel his body not responding well to life.

He has gone from what we thought as a crabby, snotty nose kid to a fairly calm rational pre-teen. We feel his improved mental and physical health are because he doesn't feel the constant intestinal discomfort and head pain.

DM Parent

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"I am a parent of a 12-year-old boy who benefits from Aromatic RSCS Therapy.  My son is very cerebral child where he keeps his thoughts to himself or "the waters run deep" kind of kid. He has been known to be the class clown at times where he'll let loose and make people laugh yet, as a mother, I could tell that he preferred to not talk, observe more, and participate as little as possible in class.

Since my son has had several treatments of Aromatic RSCS he is talking more openly, and is better at expressing his personal emotions. I continue to recommend ARSCS to my clients as well as bring my son in for treatments on an as needed basis."


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"Barbara is not just your ordinary health care person. Quite magical! I know her as a CranioSacral Therapist who knows innately how to follow the subtle energies of the Higher Self to create deep openings and expansions in the consciousness. I have experienced many wondrous transformations while in Barbara’s office and thoroughly recommend anything she puts her talents to!"

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"I am honored, privileged, but mostly grateful to express to you the pivotal and professional person and role that Barbara Schroeder has played in my life! I was somewhat skeptical at first, wondering if Barb's expertise with Aromatic RSCS and her gifted intuitiveness would make any difference in my persistent struggle with emotional anxiety, depression, spasmodic dsyphonia and fatigue. I had tried so many other arenas with counseling, conventional doctoring & medication, chiropractic, balancing hormones, the list goes on and on. So pursuing this avenue was a last ditch effort out of complete desperation! Little did I know, the gift that God had for me which was found in Barb! She guided and assisted me through the deep "emotional work" that was necessary to obtain the inner peace and wellness which finally resides in me! I am eternally grateful for all that Barb has done for me! She has literally given me back my life and I deeply believe she can do the same for you!"

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"I am a 56 year old grandmother with Parkinson's Disease. Barbara has been working with me for approximately a year now and the results have been amazing. My tremors are almost gone, the only things that get shaky are my feet and lower legs. My hands don't shake at all and that is a big relief. The Aromatic RSCS has worked very well for me. The oils remind me of the things we discuss in our visualization sessions and I can use them to calm myself and get centered when I start to feel stressed. Now we are concentrating on weight loss and I have lost fourteen pounds since December. Thank you Barbara for everything you have done for me--words can never express the gratitude I feel."

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"Barbara and I got started in March of this year (2006). The Cranial Sacral massage was and is very relaxing to me--I usually fall asleep--and wake myself up when I start snoring. Barbara also started me on Aromatic RSCS right away. The first thing I noticed was I started sleeping better--a lot better, I was only getting about two to four hours of a sleep a night before we started. I now get anywhere from six to eight and the closer I get to getting eight hours the better I feel. My energy level increased right away and my balance got better. After a few treatments I was feeling better all the time. Over time Barbara noticed a BIG difference in the way my face looked--Parkinson's gives you a 'masked' look, and other people were saying I looked great too! With Barbara guiding me we started doing more emotional Aromatic RSCS and in May. I was beginning to understand the interconnections between my physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual body and how each one affects all the others even if we don't think they do. --I also have to figure out my medicine--I know I am relying on it too much. We continue to work and I am excited to see what will happen next. Now we are working on my weight--I know when I lose it I will be perfectly healthy again--Thanks to Barbara and God!"

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"My 19 year old daughter, Alexandra, contracted mono her spring semester of her freshman year in college. She was extremely sick; more ill than I had seen her since her childhood bout with the flu and strep. The mono created a 104 degree temperature, severe body aches, dehydration, the inability to sleep soundly, a sore throat that looked like a science experiment and, worst of all, a lethargy that prevented her from attending classes on a regular basis. All she wanted to do all day was sleep.

Alexandra received an aromatherapy treatment from Barbara and we immediately saw improvement. Alex's fever went away, the swelling in her spleen reduced (a common side effect of mono), her throat began clearing up and most importantly for an active 19 year old, her energy started improving. We did the at home treatments several times a day religiously. The massage therapy was nice bonding time for mother and daughter and I really felt like I was a participant in helping Alexandra become well. Within one week, Alex was at almost 100% and was able to go back to her regular classes at Colorado State University!

The treatment Barbara provided was so result oriented and so compelling that I am beginning treatment with her for myself for a nagging groin hernia injury."

Thanks Barb
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"I began seeing Barb years ago for massages at work.

After deciding no more medication (Xanax) for anxiety, yet searching for another approach to get it under control - Barb suggested we try Aromatic RSCS

So much gratitude is due based on mutual belief, trust and a goal of mental well being, we accomplished what we set out to do. She has taught me techniques to accept, feel, and not run away from the panic when it rears its ugly head.

Just as important is the fact that this method (Aromatic RSCS) not only helped with my anxiety but has also helped me make peace with issues surrounding my self-esteem, perception of wrongs in my past, hesitations of the present and outlook for the future.

We're currently working on a cyst and I expect it to be shrunk or gone very soon.  It doesn't stand a chance.

I'm blessed to have met Barb; she has given light to my path."

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"Even though Barbara is my daughter I don't understand what she does or how she does it, I just know that it works!

I was in a very bad car accident two years ago. I had internal injuries, many broken ribs, and other injuries. Barbara came home and spent several days in the hospital with me using oils and reiki. The medical people could not believe how fast I was able to leave the hospital and also the level of pain tolerance I had. Barbara and I knew the answer.

A short time after the accident both my mother-in-law and mother died. It was a time of deep emotions. Once again Barbara came to the rescue with Somatic Cranial Sacral, Aromatherapy and Reiki. I have been able to let go of a lot of grief and depression that was dragging me down. My mother was a control addict and I have dealt with self-esteem, guilt, and anxiety issues for over 60 years. I am beginning to let go of them and with each release I feel younger and lighter.

I am a work in progress. I wish I lived closer to my daughter but she is able to help me even though miles separate us.  Now she is working on a problem that I think probably stems from the accident.  I have pain in my right leg and I have no doubt that she will be able to release what is causing the pain."

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"Barbara your Aromatic RSCS treatment is so powerful and yet it is so very subtle in how things shift and how I have changed inside and out. It is such good stuff!

I really needed to get realigned and refocused and you made it so much easier than if I had kept struggling through all by myself. It just put everything into proper perspective.

Keep up the good work!"

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"I met Barb in September of 2003. My sister (who is a client of hers), asked her to come help me in the hospital. A simple request one might think, but in my case, I was pronounced terminal with alcoholic hepatitis, and given 3 days to live. So in all honesty I did not "meet" Barb until she had already begun treating me at my sister's behest, since I was quite out of touch with things (pain meds & such). My memories of her visits are foggy until I was released to go home. She visited me at my mother's home and we began treatments with oils at first. She gave me oils and mantras for healing my liver, as well as introducing me to milk thistle later in our visits. All these things helped me mentally and physically. She found emotional things I needed help with such as anger, feeling misunderstood, and feelings of failure. Thru oils and mantras I came to deal with these things and use the same techniques to this day when I feel those issues trying to creep back into my thoughts. She used Reiki and Cranial Sacral as well. She also opened up my very clogged chakras. With each visit I felt better and also felt more self-sufficient when it came to dealing with my feelings in a positive manner.

I have since recovered full function of my liver and have not had any desire to drink! I am very thankful for her help and support thru a very trying time in my life and am certain in many ways she is as responsible for my recovery as much as any medical Dr. that treated me during this time. It is a comforting feeling knowing if I should need her help again she will be there to provide it. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude are hers for as long as I am on this earth."

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"My name is Erin A. Genetically, I have a minor scoliosis in my back, which has caused me back pain for years. In spite of this, I am an avid runner. Last summer, I was running 25 miles per week and enjoyed this immensely. While running I developed a pinched nerve in my lower back. This pinched nerve condition was causing stabbing pain and numbness in my right thigh and calf. I went to a chiropractor for numerous treatments, and we decided that we were not accomplishing the progress that we had hoped to achieve. The chiropractor suggested I receive several deep tissue massages from Barbara.

These deep tissue massages proved to be quite successful. I then began chiropractic adjustments again and now they are easier and last longer!

Next, Barbara suggested that we try a somatic cranial sacral treatment. After one treatment, the stabbing pain, numbness, and tingling sensations in my right thigh and calf began to subside. There was also a considerable decrease in pain.  In my opinion, these positive results were quite amazing and incredible!  I was very pleased with the improvement I my condition!"

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"I was in a car accident 2 ½ years ago and injured my hips; lower back, left leg, left shoulder and neck. I started seeing traditional doctors and specialists. They would see me every two weeks or so, but not really do anything other than run test and tell me to stay off my feet. Twice they prescribed steroid injections into my back. I did not notice a change with these injections. I was not getting any better, I was actually getting worse. The smallest thing would cause my injuries to flare up.

I went to a chiropractor/acupuncturist for a non-related issue a year after the accident. While seeing her I had one of my flare-us to where I could hardly walk.  She felt she could help me so I went under her care. She treated me with chiropractic, acupuncture, and some herbs and recommend water walking, swimming and exercising. I did as she recommend and hit a plateau. At that time I had someone refer me to another chiropractor for another unrelated issue. While there they felt they could improve upon my accident condition. Of course the insurance company started to yell and sent me to an IME for a review. This doctor advised chiropractic care, acupuncture and deep tissue massage all at the same time. Once I began this intense care I started to really see improvements.

One of the treatments I received was Cranial Sacral. I have to admit that in the beginning I was not sold, as it was foreign to me and outside of my way of thinking. I wanted to feel better so desperately that I followed all of Barbara's directions. Each treatment I would find relief. After seeing the results each week I became believer. I at this time was rotating between cranial sacral and deep tissue, and my next visit was to be deep tissue but was learning to read my body and I felt I needed Cranial Sacral. That day I had the biggest and most life-changing breakthrough so far. A heavy weight lifted off my shoulders, for the first time in a long time I was really happy. I wanted to run, and sing, and dance, and twirl. I found some true happiness in myself. All my darkness I had been feeling was replaced by light and I felt like there should be rays of sunshine shooting out of me. I can't tell you I understood where all the answers came from or what they all meant, but I can tell you that I have found my own inner peace.

The only time I felt anything close to this inner peace was when I was in love and in the good part of a relationship. Now I have found that inner peace (happiness) on my own. We set up a technique to tap into that inner peace if I am having a hard day, and it has really worked. I have learned to focus on the positive and think positive thoughts.

I know I focused a lot on feeling, but I have learned that emotions are definitely tied to the injuries; and that you hold on to your injuries through deep-rooted emotions. My body feels a lot better as well. I had put on a lot of weight after my accident. Now That I feel so much better and do not hurt with every move, I have been exercising and have lost 30 pounds so far. I am active again. I am hiking and working in the yard again. Something I could not do after the accident without having a relapse and be out of commission or in horrible pain. Now I work in the yard all day and only have the same twinges that everyone else would have if they were crazy enough to pull weeds all day like me.  With the help of my caregivers I have learned to retrain my body not to go into over drive while protecting my injuries. It is amazing to learn how intertwined everything is. I honestly do not think I would be in as good of a place as I am without Barb and Cranial Sacral."

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"I have been seeing Barb (off and on) for massages for several years. I learned about Reiki and Somatic Cranial Sacral therapy through her. The massages are awesome! However, I came to a point in my life where I needed to discover WHY my body was always in knots and pain.

I always needed Barb to work out the problems with my physical body. I knew that I locked stress in my body, but I wanted to know why and I wanted to know how I could stop doing it. The Reiki treatments helped me to become calmer and more aware of what was going on in my life. I believe that Reiki ultimately helped center me in a way that I could review my past without fear. I firmly believe that our troubles of today are rooted in our past. Reiki is an absolutely wonderful experience.

If Reiki is wonderful, then Somatic Cranial Sacral therapy is earth shattering!  When Barb talked to me about the cranial sacral therapy, I knew I was ready to try it. With Barb's assistance, I have been able to identify the areas in my body where I hold onto hurt, fear, stress, worry, etc...I have been able to connect to those pains and release them.

I think everyone is a little afraid to face things that have caused us pain. I assure you, it isn't as difficult as we imagine. Barb's setting is quiet, calm, supporting and confidential. While receiving the therapy, you can speak your thoughts and feelings out loud or keep them to yourself. I have found that either way is just as effective. Sometimes having Barb validate something for me, or to hear her insights, is just what I need.

I have never before felt so good and so free of baggage. Not that I'm done by any means! I have just noticed immediate improvement with the way I feel physically, mentally and spiritually.

I also love the fact that these therapies are chemical free!

I recommend Barb and the different therapies that she provides. I have received so many blessings through her."

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