To purchase now and receive the day of the class order above. If you currently have these items please bring them to class with you.

A) Pendulum
B) Book:: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein
C) 1 dozen 2ml (empty) bottles with stoppers and lids
D) Essential Oil Starter kit all bottles are 15 ml and must have a dropper top.

1. Cedar Wood oil/Cedrus deodora;
2. Lavender oil, French/Lavandula angustifolia
3. Sage oil, Spanish/Salvia Lavandulaefolia
4. Patchouli oil, Light / Pagostemon cablin
5. Tea Tree oil / Melaleuca alternfolia
6. Orange oil, Sweet / Citrus sinensis
7. Lemon oil / Citrus limon
8. Lime oil / Citrus aurantifolia
9. Frankincense / Olibanum Boswellia frereano
10. Ylang Ylang / Cananga adoratat


ARSCS is a workable, usable, tangible modality that you can easily implement into your existing practice or lifestyle.

ARSCS I is about teaching you to honor the body and how it needs to move and change. Rather than treating the symptoms, we treat the causes quickly and without having to examine issues with a fine tooth comb.

This class will teach you the basis of ancient aromatic medicine, how to discern quality oils, how to use essential oils to release long held patterns in the body caused by trauma, emotions, physical issues, etc. This class will cover such things as drug interaction, essential oil safety, how the body absorbs oils, emotional clearing, synergistic blending, emotions and how they affect the body, centers of the brain and learning styles, and how all this is important to the "dis-ease" people feel in their bodies.

This is a kinesthetic and active-learning course with heavy instructor involvement and interaction.

Care Alternatives Center - 7400 West Jefferson Avenue, Metro Broker Building, Suite 111, Lakewood, CO 80235 - 720-985-3204
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